[sumo] SFM 20 Online

Lon Howard itsulon at wavecable.com
Sun Aug 31 23:06:55 EDT 2008


The August issue is now online with this introduction by the Editor- 
in-Chief, Mark Buckton:

Some very in-depth articles this time on, amongst others;

the Internet's role in following sumo.

the 'shinai' - to ban or not to ban.

former Y, Haguroyama, and the records he set that remain unbroken.

How sumo was an international sport long before the IFS led WC event.

The ozeki - and what made / makes them what they wer / are.

a sumo legend and his untimely obituary - LW, and

all the regulars.

Once more - in multi-lingual form found nowhere else on the WWW  
thanks to our team of sumo following translation bods - all stars in  
their own, oft ignored right.

- Shomishuu

Edit:  A tip regarding the Excel spreadsheet in the Ozeki article:   
Go to cell C9 and then freeze panes (Window > Freeze Panes).  It's  
very hard to follow if you don't do that.

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