[sumo] GHMEMGWGWA Contest Winner!

Jeffrey Anderson jeffand at regent.edu
Wed Aug 20 10:34:21 EDT 2008

I'm baaaaaack! Had a great time with Doreen Simmons and Ross Mihara, plus my time in Hong Kong and China. Mega-blessing on the way back from Beijing to Washington DC last night - I asked for an upgrade from Economy to Business Class for Gaijingal and me - and got it! The secret is to be on a very full flight. If there's room in Business Class, they'll often move you up at your request as they always oversell each flight and want to get in every person they can. Try it next time you fly.

Anyway, it's time to announce the lucky winner of the Guess How Many E-Mails Gaijingai Will get While Away Contest! My total amount of e-mails was 2,152. And the winner with an astonishing guess of 2,134...only 18 off...is Jakusotsu! Jakusotsu was so good that when he entered he declared: "Now that's an easy one, even more easy than Guessing The Kotomitsuki:

2,134." Egad - is this guy using spyware or something???

Now I know that Jaku-zeki already has a babe magnet Virginia Beach T-shirt, so Jakusotsu, if you want something else, I made a sidetrip to a sumo souvenir shop and can send you something from there. Otherwise, send me your size and address (and real name!) And I'll get a T-shirt in the mail to you in the next couple of weeks.

I'm hoping for another contest this November. Meanwhile, I hope that I can finally get some sleep. We got in at midnight last night and I have yet to have any! Argh! And a full day today!

Best regards,
Jeffrey Anderson
Gaijingai - Foreign Ruler of the Dohyo

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The saddest are these:
It might have been. - John Greenleaf Whittier

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