[sumo] Wakanoho Caught with Marijuana

Scott Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Tue Aug 19 11:24:40 EDT 2008

Obviously, the police and the Kyokai talk.

If we go back to the tragic case of Takashi Saito, the police were all 
too willing to forego an investigation into the cause of his death until 
his family stepped in. 

Given the sloth-like pace with which Japanese police work, I find it 
incredible that Wakanoho was not tipped off to an imminent search of his 
living quarters.  Or why  his oyakata was not tipped off.  Is this a 
case of justice gone good, or the Kyokai willingly sacrificing two of 
their own (a bad boy foreigner and a shamed oyakata)? 

Cover-ups of worse crimes occurred in the past before the influx of 
foreigner wrestlers.

Not to say that Wakanoho doesn't deserve what will be dished out to him, 
if indeed he is guilty.

Thanks, Doreen, for your updates...


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