[sumo] Tokitsukaze beya rikishi dies

Achim Pawelczyk sumo at achimp.de
Sat Jun 30 13:02:43 EDT 2007

The parents are said to accept the results of the autopsy and leave 
everything to the police.
The police will be asking oyakata and rikishi next week to check if
it was more than an accident. They will try to find out what happened 
during "butsukari geiko".
Isenoumi-oyakata has begun examining the case for the sumo kyokai.
The heya did restart keiko again for the Nagoya-basho, one week left.

Tetsuonoumi schrieb:
> I don't know if I'd call it quite common, but you're right it is not 
> unheard of.
> But, you also must admit that such deaths have been followed with 
> policies to better protect players and educate coaches.  A huge example 
> of this has been the attitude to water for athletes, old school coaches 
> used to not give any and give salt pills.

Sad as it is, in human society established habits don't change easy just
because they've become annoying or outdated. People without enough own
influence die and only then change happens.
Depending on what to blame, the change can be quite big though.

> Akinomaki shreib:
>> I don't think extra bullying was involved.
> Saying that is as groundless as saying there was extra bullying involved.

Any guess is as good/bad as mine without more information. After Joe
Kuroda's last detailed post I wouldn't have posted that sentence.

My line of thought was this:

If the boy has died because of a hidden heart disease, the health check
system can be blamed and some minor changes there will be all.
(He is said to have also practiced karate, baseball, judo and tennis 
etc., the relatives said he had no health problems so far - lack of 
fitness seems rather unlikely)

If *extra bullying* was involved, the blame will mainly go to
(As Joe K. wrote, it's unlikely for the police to get evidence for that)

If none of the above two is the real reason for Saito's death,
then the whole system of sumo training can be blamed.
If the blame is not put on the first two, a more profound change seems 
(If not enough outside pressure is put on the sumo kyokai, I fear it 
will rather turn out like Joe predicts).


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