[sumo] Question somewhat related to death of rikishi

Jim Bitgood Jimbit2 at comcast.net
Sat Jun 30 12:00:49 EDT 2007

Just to add another facet to the discussion, avoiding any drug 
references and sticking to physical factors.
I have been runnng for many years. I have run many road races, 
including marathons. I have successfully finished marathons that have 
turned out to the last run for some people. There are cases where 
people who have been training for several years have died while 
running marathons. In most of those cases, they all appeared quite 
healthy until they collapsed. Reports for autopsies usually show that 
some condition existed. Either the condition was completely 
undetected in normal physical examinations or camouflaged by the 
training program that the runner used to get in shape.
I have run the Marine Marathon in Washington D.C. at least twice and 
the Boston Marathon once when runners have died on the course.
I haven't read any news reports of an autopsy on the Tokitaizan, but 
I do not yet have a problem with the early reports that he may have 
had some condition that suddenly killed him.
Of course, the real answer may never come out, be we all need to keep 
open minds for all the possibilities.


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