[sumo] Question somewhat related to death of rikishi

Mike Charlton mikekchar at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 11:35:52 EDT 2007

On 6/30/07, Philip Sherman <philnorm at webtv.net> wrote:
> Mike,
> Using body builders, power lifters, Olympic lifters, strongman competitors, is not a good comparison.

I freely admit that bodybuilders et al can suffer from a host of health problems
due to their activities.  My only point was to say that using BMI as
an indicator
of obesity doesn't work well for strength oriented athletes.  They are *very*
heavy for their height, but not necessarily obese.  The problems that arise
from obesity are not necessarily the same as those for steroid use, high
protein/low carb diet, etc, etc.

I just wanted to nip a potential argument in the bud with respect to
rikishi obesity.  While I'll bet that every single sekitori is obese
when measured
by BMI, I'll wager that a large proportion are *not* obese when measured
by body fat percentage.  I don't have enough information to comment on
their health relative to the general population, though.


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