[sumo] Question somewhat related to death of rikishi

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> In the old days when sugar not salt was used as a seasoning, the 
> incidence of diabetes was relatively high; and with heavy men high blood 
> pressure is always a danger; but now it seems to be cancer that does the 
> most damage and that has nothing to do with the sumo lifestyle.

Obesity is a well know factor in many cancers.

Whether or not the sample size of a few hundred is statistically 
significant isn't really the question here.  I'd have a very difficult 
time accepting anyone who says that the average life expectancy of rikishi 
is anywhere near that of their peers.  It would defy nearly all modern 
medical thinking to believe that men who are grossly obese for a 
significant portion of their adult lives would live as long as their 
slimmer counterparts. 

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