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> School teachers with so far permanent teaching
> licenses in Japan are 
> subject to discussion - why not oyakata getting
> trained to new standards ?

I hope they will do that, not just for the sake of new
recruits but also for the old. We now know far more
about good nutrition, physiology and training
techniques so they can come up with something more
than Sumo Exercise DVD.

According to a story, when the parents received the
body  of Takashi, he had "burn marks" (cigarette
burns) on his body as well as severe bruises, in fact
he had  such severe bruises as well as his ear was

Seeing him, his younger sister cried so hard, his
parents could not even allow anyone including their
relatives to see the body (an autopsy revealed he
additionally suffered a broken rib).

When the father confronted Tokitsukaze oyakata about
burn marks, the oyakata mumbled something like there
was no one at the heya who smoked. 

The father pursued the matter further as when the boy
came home a week or so ago, he did not have such bad
bruises but the oyakata did not elaborate on any
possible reason. 

In a way this comes as a great shock from this oyakata
as when his beloved deshi, Toyonoshima was injured by
Asashoryu during a training session prior to the last
basho, Tokitsukaze oyakata was so critical of
Asashoryu as he was announcing publicly everywhere
what an evil character Asashoryu was and the yokozuna
was going to be a persona non grata at his heya from
that time on. 

As much as I know the Kyokai won't change its ways but
equally I have lost a great deal of respect for this
oyakata who was so quick to condemn Asashoryu for his
alleged rough conduct but is showing such a little
respect for the young recruit to come out and tell the
whole story to his parents by saying simply the kid
just collapsed after a hard training session. 

He certainly should have called an ambulance much
quicker at least rather than waiting around for an
hour until it was too late. Obviously I have no basis
and probably not shouldn't be speculating but I can't
stop feeling he is hiding something more pertinent as
only people who knew exactly what happened were those
at the heya and no outsider was apparently present. 

Unfortunately the police can ask only simple questions
but basically and mostly they settled on a "heart
failure" theory so not much more can be expected now. 

It makes me feel so sad to know  this was the heya
founded by the great yokozuna Futabayama and the proud
name is now tarnished by the current oyataka's
mishandling of this tragic incident. 

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