[sumo] Tokitsukaze beya rikishi dies

Jim jj at zolx.com
Fri Jun 29 15:20:03 EDT 2007

I was thinking the same thing.  The difference is that those kids weren't 
beaten to death.

Many high school deaths like this occur due to heat related issues.  When 
that happens the consequences for the schools, coaches, and training 
staffs can be severe.  Coaches lose their jobs, sometimes there are 
criminal charges, and most often all become targets of law suits in the 
millions of dollars.  Or else they're due to a pre-existing medical 
condition that weren't caught.

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> Here in the USA it is quite common for even a high school football 
> player
> doing 2 a day drills have unfortunately died. I don't see any reductions
> in high school players deciding not to play again because of the death.
> I am sure there might be a few but football is in no way going to go 
> away.

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