[sumo] Tokitsukaze beya rikishi dies

Joe Kuroda joe_kuroda at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 29 13:59:03 EDT 2007

--- Achim Pawelczyk <sumo at achimp.de> wrote:

> The death of Tokitaizan can't be anything else but
> gravely damaging to 
> Ozumo's popularity among young Japanese fans and
> rikishi hopefuls.

Gravely damaging to Ozumo's popularity? I hardly think
so. I don't want to make light of a death of someone
so young but most people can't even name one Makushita
rikishi let alone a Jonokuchi. 

Fans still watch Ozumo and kids still join Ozumo.
However tragic this incident is, Ozumo won't change
much just because of one incident like this.

Recruits died in a heya previously but not much has
happened. Oyakata suffered a crippiling illness or
some died like Hatachiyama recently but things go on
just like always. 

Ostensively they will make some type of small gesture
but that's just about all.

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