[sumo] Tokitsukaze beya rikishi dies

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>  But the
> decline in sumo 
> isn't just about ratings, it's also about its
> difficulty in remaining 
> relevant in modern society, its generational skew
> towards older 
> citizens.  

Ozumo has not been relevant in "modern" society for
long long time but that's not the reason it has
declined in popularity.

You seem to forget Takanohana and Wakanohana were in
their prime not so long ago and every basho day was
sold out.  Young and old alike filled the arenas and
watched the basho on TV. Hundreds of would be recruits
filled the physical and walked in to a heya asking to
be taken in.

Ozumo has always kept its traditional roots and
customs and in a way that is their raison d'etre. 

Anyway I don't know of many rikishi without any
bruises. For instance it appears every time Futeno
goes out these days, he gets cut in his forehead. He
has been bleeding quite a bit of blood for a while
now. Tochiazuma used to get a nosebleed often. 

Sumo isn't golf. You hit with your body and you get
hit by body. Injuries happen all the time. But I doubt
very much severe bruising occurs as a result of
butsukari geiko. If there were some type of heavy
blows, they must have happened earlier.

A kid like him with no sumo experience would never
have realized how hard sumo training could be. So it's
rather natural many new recruits run away from their

Japanese kids are used to be provided now with comfort
at their home. Their mother will cook snack whenever
they are hungry and if not, they can get something
they want at a convenience store within a walking

For many pampared kids, Ozumo life can be unbearable,
but senior rikishi and heya heads should understand
the situation and deal accordingly with them, rather
than unleashing harsher treatment to "straighten" them

Or they will never able to keep their recruits and
develop them into a well skilled rikishi capable of
competing in higher ranks.

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