[sumo] Tokitsukaze beya rikishi dies

Keri Sibley kerisib at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 29 09:35:05 EDT 2007

Not to sound like I'm taking the side of hazing, but
are we sure that hazing is what caused this kids
death? Or was it just a particularly hard round of
Butsugari? I have busted up my ribs before in
practice, broken several bones and there was no hazing
involved. Of course I didn't die, but I don't think
you can assume hazing was involved.


--- Tetsuonoumi <wcb at bostondynamics.com> wrote:

> At 08:43 AM 6/29/2007, you wrote:
> >On 6/29/07, Scott Kahn <smk1 at columbia.edu> wrote:
> >>This is genuinely sad.  While it sounds as though
> the Kyokai suggests
> >>that Tokitaizan had a heart valve problem, such a
> problem should have
> >>been looked for and diagnosed upon his acceptance
> into sumo.
> >
> >A light is being shined on the health practices of
> the professional
> >wrestling industry thanks to the tragedy that
> occurred this week.  But
> >I think that not even the sudden collapse and death
> of Takamisakari
> >would prompt the media to go after the sacred
> institution of Ozumo.
> >
> >  - Peterao
> I disagree.  Sure, there is a segment of Japanese
> society that 
> probably considers Ozumo beyond reproach.  But the
> decline in sumo 
> isn't just about ratings, it's also about its
> difficulty in remaining 
> relevant in modern society, its generational skew
> towards older 
> citizens.  There is a clear majority in Japan, led
> by young people, 
> who hold Ozumo beyond reproach.
> At American universities and high schools in the
> 1980s, there were 
> many proud sports and fraternity institutions with
> hazing practices 
> that many thought at the time were beyond reform
> because of the 
> money, prestige, and history associated with those
> institutions...but 
> the people who thought that were wrong.  Change
> came.
> I love sumo, but the hazing practices at the heyas,
> in my opinion, 
> are already living on borrowed time, and will
> certainly be swept away 
> in the next 20 years, and perhaps much much quicker
> than that.
> And when the worst of it is gone, we'll all be
> better for it, as 
> better athletes will consider sumo, once they know
> they won't be 
> subjected to the humiliating and needlessly harmful
> practices of 
> today's stables.
>          -Tetsuonoumi
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