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Here's more on Tokitaizan's death.

Teen sumo wrestler dies after practice

The Yomiuri Shimbun

A 17-year-old sumo wrestler has died of heart failure just two months after
making his debut. 

Tokitaizan, whose real name was Takashi Saito, died Tuesday afternoon after
falling ill during practice at Tokitsukaze stable's camp in Inuyama, Aichi

The stable is in Inuyama ahead of the July 8-22 Nagoya Grand Sumo

According to Inuyama Police Station, Tokitaizan complained of illness at
about 11.40 a.m. Tuesday, about 40 minutes after he had started butsukari
keiko, an exercise in which a wrestler has to force his inert opponent from
one side of the ring to the other. 

Police say training was stopped afterTokitaizan felt unwell, but by 12.40
p.m. his breathing had become ragged. He was taken to a hospital but was
pronounced dead at about 2.10 p.m. 

A native of Niigata Prefecture, Tokitaizan made his debut in May, compiling
a 1-4 record in mae-zumo, the qualifying division below the official
rankings. He was ranked at 39 on the east side of the lowest jonokuchi
division for the upcoming tournament. 

The last wrestler to die after practice was at Sadogatake stable in 1992. In
1990, top-division wrestler Ryukozan died after training at Dewanoumi

Speaking Thursday, stablemaster Tokitsukaze expressed his condolences to
Saito's family and talked about Tuesday's practice. 

"It was routine training--I didn't push him," Tokitsukaze said. "I didn't
think he would die. I just wanted to help him become a respectable

(Jun. 29, 2007)
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