[sumo] (Games) RotoSumo Invitation (Nagoya 2007)

Lenn M. lmilliard at snet.net
Thu Jun 28 13:04:44 EDT 2007

It's that time again!

You have until 2:00 PM JST on 8 July, 2007 to make your entry.

Veteran players can visit the registration page and register for the
coming basho. You may then enter your team. (If you have lost the link
to this page, see the the rules page link below).

****REMEMBER: If you're are going to be kyujo, please take the time to
make a kyujo request at the website. If you fail to do so and don't
e-mail me with such a request, you will NOT receive kosho status and
will be demoted on the following banzuke!*****

For any new players interested in joining, RotoSumo is a game where you
pick a group of rikishi and they collect points for your team based on a
scoring system. For instance, if one of your rikishi defeats a Yokozuna,
he gains 24 points for your team.

The winner will be the player who's team compiles more points than any
other player's team in their respective division over the course of the

All new players will join the Jonokuchi division, where a simple KK
*could* get you promoted to the next highest division (currently Makushita).

For more information,
Check out the rules page (*****Be sure to read the whole page*****):
or at:

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