[sumo] Tokitsukaze beya rikishi dies

Achim Pawelczyk sumo at achimp.de
Thu Jun 28 09:07:34 EDT 2007

Asahi Shimbun also mentions that the family asked Niigata university for 
a further examination and an official autopsy because of the severe 
injuries, leaving the boy's face severely distorted.
Crushing heads at tachi-ai without proper preparation ?
Was it Baruto or Kokkai who had difficulties with that and one basho had 
some bulb in the face ?

Kitanoumi-rijicho expressed that everyone has a different level of keiko 
being too hard. The oyakata has to act appropriately, being the one who 
knows best what the actual conditions are.

Tokitsukaze-beya put a notice outside "no practice (keiko) today".

Saito (Tokitaizan) entered 182 cm tall and 112 kg heavy - usually that's 
ideal for starting sumo, but if it was mainly fat, maybe that made it 
especially hard for him.
In May he passed mae-zumo and just appeared on the banzuke for the first 
Did he already look like an accustomed rikishi but perhaps was not being 
able to move like one ?
He could have been put under extra pressure and maybe had a weaker than 
average heart, not showing as a real heart disease during the entrance 
health check. Does anybody know exactly how and what they test there ?

Maybe the fitness test for the ones too small to enter straight should 
be compulsory for all.


Sumobaba schrieb:
> Having sent the info below, and looking further on the web, I also see that
> the Kyokai is attributing the boy's unfortunate death to "heart failure". He
> only entered sumo around 3 months ago. Would the physical screening not have
> shown some symptom of heart disease? I really am asking, not being cynical,
> because I would like to know the answer, not imply that the Kyokai's
> physician(s) weren't doing their jobs. We all know that brutal training does
> take place, specifically involving the newer- and lower-ranked boys. I would
> think that if he was severely beaten around the head, well.........but,
> again, that is again, just another scenario that comes to mind. I love the
> Tokitsukaze boys, and it is a true tragedy to even remotely think that this
> could be a result of "beatings" to build stamina.

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