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Thu Jun 28 07:37:34 EDT 2007

Asashoryu seems to be doing his job:

>From the Daily Yomiuri:


Asashoryu ups training ahead of Nagoya basho

The Yomiuri Shimbun

Yokozuna Asashoryu finally seems to be taking Hakuho's challenge seriously. 

Long criticized for a laidback attitude to practice, the senior yokozuna has
been going through his paces in Nagoya, where he is staying along with the
rest of the sumo world ahead of next month's Grand Sumo Tournament. 

On Tuesday, Asa visited Sadogatake stable's training camp for 23 bouts with
ozeki Kotooshu and former sekiwake Kotoshogiku. He returned Wednesday for 30
bouts against lower-ranked wrestlers. 

"I've really got to get practice bouts under my belt," Asashoryu told
reporters. "I'm building up stamina." 

Asashoryu's unusually intense training is being linked to the yokozuna
promotion of Hakuho, who won the past two tournaments, and Asa's 10-5
showing in May--his worst record since September 2004. 


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