[sumo] Hawaii Koen Personal Observations, photos and videos

Doreen Simmons jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp
Wed Jun 27 09:45:58 EDT 2007

Nice one, Barbaraaa. You really get the atmosphere across. I'd have 
liked to be there, but I was singing concerts in Tokyo at exactly the 
same time.

I have a program brought back by a friend (plus the collectable pin), 
and hope to find time to comment eventually on a rather iffy 
production.  F'rinstance, why does the Japanese consul-general (if that 
is what he is) think the (professional) Kyokai is the amateur Renmei 
(Federation)? Couldn't somebody have told him in advance? I agree with 
you that the advance publicity seems to have been rather patchy. It's a 
pity. Before the Australia Koen they were really biting their fingers 
to the quick until the guys actually arrived and started pumping up the 
interest (especially Konishiki). In the case of Vancouver they had a 
real pro in charge too, and advance publicity brought in a whole lot of 
people who are still on the ml.

Doreen, after a rather busy day....

On 2007/06/27, at 12:31, Sumobaba wrote:

> Dear all,
> I have finally completed my blog on the Hawaiian Koen and invite you to
> check it out at www.sumobaba.vox.com . Nothing technical, no results - 
> these
> can be found on the forum and will soon appear on Leonishiki's Spanish 
> sumo
> magazine website. This is just my personal account of part of my and my
> friends' time at the welcoming reception and the sumo. Lots of photos 
> and
> lots of video -children's sumo with Wakanosato, Kasugao and 
> Chiyotaikai,
> comic sumo, a bit of hula and a few others - taken from a different
> perspective, including some of Hakuho's dohyo iri. Please enjoy!
> If you don't like my personal ramblings, please ignore this message.
> Sumobaba
> See my blog http://sumobaba.vox.com <http://sumobaba.vox.com/>
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