[sumo] [games]Chaingang and ISP -invitation and final reminder

Philip Sherman philnorm at webtv.net
Tue Jun 26 18:40:33 EDT 2007

Yes Moti.
  I know how nervous I get when things like this happen, you have settled me down numerous times over the years.
Thanks for all you do and your post's are always interesting, humorous, and educational.
I will crawl back to my cage now.


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Philip Sherman wrote:

> OK Bob.
> Thanks. I should have made it more clear. When signing in to register for this basho I entered the password in both places asked for. The password was blocked out at that time. When I got confirmation from the site of my registration is where it showed my actual password. Then when I received the confirmation e mail it also showed my password.
> So from what your e mail said I guess I can keep the same password? If I am the only one who can see it I suppose I can stay with it. That would be a big help.
I guess everything is OK then.
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