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 Thats just great. He was going to be one of my high picks for many sumo games. The same thing happened last basho with the driving incident.


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Kotomitsuki was injured today during keiko at the Sadogatake camp in
Nagoya. He injured his left つま先, (left tiptoe??) . iAt the afternoon
rijikai, he was loosely wearing a sandal and couldn't get his foot fully
into it. When asked about it, he said "I'm OK.." "He's pulling and
generally taking it easy, so it's no surprise he got injured.. It's
embarrassing. I can't let him slack off in keiko!!" said an indignant
Sadogatake Oyakata.

The rikishikai (association of active sekitori)convened today, headed by
Yokozuna Asashouryuu. They are asking the NSK to rethink its "no driving
for rikishi" policy. "At this stage it's only talk. There are rikishi
with three kids, so..", explained Asashouryuu. They will try to attempt
to formulate a stand to present to the NSK by the next meeting in September.
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