[sumo] [off-topic] Sock Monkeys Support the War On Terror

Emmett Wayne emmett.wayne at us.army.mil
Tue Jun 26 05:52:58 EDT 2007

Kaiopectate's family working to support service men and women.


Sock Monkey Ministries

Sock Monkey Ministries, Inc. lets servicemembers know they
are not forgotten with handmade sock monkeys. A card
accompanying the monkey explains its purpose and
encourages servicemembers to pass it on to a child who
could use a lift. To date, 1,500 volunteers have made
5,200 sock monkeys. The morale-boosting primates have been
sent to civilians and servicemembers alike around the
world. In a tribute to the families of the fallen, Sock
Monkey Ministries also makes what it calls the "Fallen
Hero" sock monkey, which carries a special note that
offers appreciation and gratitude for the family's
sacrifice. For more information, visit the Sock Monkey
Ministries website. 

Excerpt taken from www.military.com

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