[sumo] [games] GTB July 2007 results

Moti sumo1 at dichne.com
Tue Jun 26 04:09:02 EDT 2007

Dale Carlson wrote:
>>* Leonishiki is the only one to play in all 57 bashos....
> OK, I'm not sure anybody can answer this, but 9 1/2
> years ago, when Moti started his GTB game, I pointed
> out that somebody else had established it first, but then 
> he kinda disappeared. An enthusiastic guy (unlike Moti :),
> and I think he might have been from Hungary. Anybody
> remember him? I'd suggest that the multiple basho in which 
> he ran the contest in could be added to Moti's to extend 
> the history of the game.
> Then again, I doubt Leonishiki missed any of those either,
> and Ekigozan probably won them all :)
> Dale
When I started the GTB I had no idea that the idea had been implemented 
before me.
  I do blieve, however, that the rules were different. Maybe someone 
knows for sure..

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