[sumo] [games] GTB July 2007 results

Dale Carlson drc at oz.net
Tue Jun 26 02:55:43 EDT 2007

>* Leonishiki is the only one to play in all 57 bashos....

OK, I'm not sure anybody can answer this, but 9 1/2
years ago, when Moti started his GTB game, I pointed
out that somebody else had established it first, but then 
he kinda disappeared. An enthusiastic guy (unlike Moti :),
and I think he might have been from Hungary. Anybody
remember him? I'd suggest that the multiple basho in which 
he ran the contest in could be added to Moti's to extend 
the history of the game.

Then again, I doubt Leonishiki missed any of those either,
and Ekigozan probably won them all :)


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