[sumo] Iz Kamakawiwo'ole Sumo Song[Scanned]

Klinger, David dklinger at nycs.k12.wa.us
Mon Jun 25 19:30:34 EDT 2007

Iz also cut a song called Yokozuna?  From N Dis Life?


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I had been looking for a way to get this song to the list - Brother Iz's
tribute to Akebono, Musashimaru and Konishiki. Just found it on a blog while
I was looking for a specific Iz song. Please enjoy.
http://mog.com/Wahiawa786/blog_post/88678  Just click on the play arrow on
the Tengoku Kara Kaminari. It's from the late, great singer's  E Ala E CD.

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come, my Hawaii Koen blog!

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