[sumo] Le Monde du Sumo #22

Nicolas Schuler nschuler at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jun 24 17:11:38 EDT 2007

Hi !

This Natsu basho won't be easy to forget, and now we are proud to 
announce you that Le Monde du Sumo #22 is now online.

The main content doesn't change : detailed results of the basho, 
summaries of juryo and minarai divisions, EU rikishi, latest news, ...

But here's what's not usual :
- a tribute to ozeki Tochiazuma, who retired just a few days before the 
- the public soken held at the Kokugikan before the Natsu basho
- an interview with komusubi Toyonoshima.

The link to our site hasn't changed : http://www.lemondedusumo.com

We hope you'll enjoy !


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