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 Nagoya basho schedule
June 24 - Rikishi arriving in Nagoya
June 25 - Banzuke release
June 26 - Rikishi Kai meeting
June 30 - Atsuta Jingu Shrine Yokozuna Dohyo-iri
July 2 - New recruit physical
July 6 - Torikumi Arranging Committee meeting
July 7 - Dohyo Matsuri ceremony
July 8 - Day 1 Nagoya basho
July 22 - Senshuraku Nagoya basho
July 25 - Aki basho banzuke Arranging Committee


According to Nagoya basho sales office, ticket sales
for this year's basho has been going better than the
last year's sales.

Advanced sales have stated on May 7 and so far Masu A
(four seats for 45,200 Yen) were sold out on day 14
and Senshuraku. Last year they sold out day 14,
Senshuraku and day 8 but the day 8 tickets sold out
only on the previous day on day 7. This year they are
expecting to sell out the day 7 tickets in early July.

"We believe more interests are generated this year as
this will be Hakuho's first yokozuna basho as well as
sekiwake Kotomitsuki's ozeki challenge basho
(Kotomitsuki being from nearyby Okazaki city ). We are
ahead on the sales by about two weeks at this point,"
a Nagoya basho official said.

Meanwhile Kotomitsuki finished off his pre-basho
training at Sadogatake beya in Chiba on June 20 before
heading off to Nagoya to complete his final
preparations. Even though there are more pressures, he
is maintaining a business-as-usual stand.

As he had 10 wins in the Haru and 12 wins in the
Natsu, he will need at least 11 wins to be considered
for ozeki promotion. "I am going with the same
approach as usual," Kotomitsuki said.


Approximately 100 people including Yokzuna
Deliberation Committee member and composer Toru
Funamura gathered at a Tokyo area hotel on June 20 for
a party to cheer on Hakkaku beya's Hokutoriki, 29.

Ranked Makuuchi East 16 at the Natsu basho Hokutoriki
had a 9 win and 6 loss record and he is eager to
return to Sanyaku for the first time since the 2004
Natsu basho in not too distant future.

"I will be doing my best constantly to aim higher,"
Hokutoriki said. He also added he and his wife were
expecting a new baby in December.


A well known green tea aficionado Otake beya's Roho,
27, and his brother Hakurozan, 25, of Kitanoumi beya
visited Sasaki Tea factory and farm located in
Shizuoka Prefecture's Kakegawa City.

Roho indicated he has been so used to drinking tea
with sugar back in Russia, he was so moved when he
arrived in Japan five years ago and tasted green tea
for the first time.

Since then he has become a devotee of green tea and he
always drinks green tea after his training session. He
says some days he even drinks over 2 litres.

Both Hakurozan and Roho have checked a variety of tea
leaves and enjoyed drinking different flavors of green
tea at the factory. They were also seen asking detail
questions about the farm operations and planting

"It was really wonderful to be able to see the tea
farm. I'd really like to see more people in Russia
drinking green tea," Roho added.


There is a new exhibit called "Rival Ages" started at
Sumo Museum at the Ryogoku Kokugikan on June 19. The
exhibit features the ages of Tochinishiki and
Wakanohana, Kashiwado and Taiho, Kitanofuji and
Tamanoshima and Wajima and Kitanoumi.

The visitors will be able to view the video of their
bouts as well as see the rare items from the eras.

The exhibit runs through till August 17.

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