[sumo] [ot] The Konishiki I Don't Like

Sumo Now! ken at sumonow.net
Thu Jun 21 21:09:20 EDT 2007

>Lead, the densest metal available.

If ANYONE deserves an Osmium medal, it would be Konishiki. Lead would 
be a better choice I agree, as it's so much more plentiful and less 

To keep this message topical to sumo ML, I plan to put up some of my 
daily basho reports from the past dozen years or so on my webpage. 
I'll rotate them through every month or so. Any requests? I started 
writing them in Kyushu 1995, so any basho since then should be 
available. Tom McCarthy (if you're out there) let me know if you've 
any copyright issues with my republishing the reports which first 
appeared on www.sumoweb.com.


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