[sumo] Musashigawa kanreki dohyo-iri

Achim Pawelczyk sumo at achimp.de
Wed Jun 20 06:03:15 EDT 2007

Don't forget to become a student yokozuna or the like before you turn 26.

Joshua Maciel schrieb:
> Excellent. I'll pen it in my calendar as a 7 year plan.
> Does it come with a successful chain of Chanko Nabe restaurants? Or is that
> extra work? Because looking at the requirements, I think I'll be short on
> free time.
> - Josh
> On 6/20/07, Doreen Simmons <jz8d-smmn at asahi-net.or.jp> wrote:
>> Yes. You get recruited by a stablemaster, work your way up into the top
>> division, have a pretty successful career, manage to buy a myoseki
>> (often on installments paid over the next several years), accumulate
>> enough money to buy a plot of land and put up a building on it, start a
>> heya and attract deshi.  A possible shortcut available to a few is to
>> marry the master's daughter (assuming you already meet the myoseki
>> qualifications), or to belong to a small heya and be nominated by your
>> master as his successor.

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