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Achim Pawelczyk sumo at achimp.de
Mon Jun 18 11:06:01 EDT 2007

Maybe I can update the data on my Sumo income page (my site is down for 
complete overhaul since end of May).
Any help with new data and facts is much appreciated.
Unfortunately I don't have notes about my sources for each of the facts 
As I understood my sources, the "Basho Bonus" listed below is paid for 
the retired rikishi as well and for the highest rank reached, but I have 
to search my books to be sure.

Oyakata and Heya Income
(figures are thousand Yen)

Oyakata salaries (according to positions in the Sumo Kyokai)
1999: Riji: 1405, Kanji: 1232, I-in: 1001, Shunin: 849, Toshiyori: 784

<-- Musashigawa is a Riji -->

The last category are Oyakata, who are attached to one Heya and work 
there, without other posts in the Kyokai hierarchy. Normally this is the 
status immediately after retiring from active Sumo.
No information is available about a special allowance for the Riji-choo.

Daily and travel allowances for non Tokyo Basho are paid for 35 days, 
according to rank.
1995: Riji: 11.5, Kanji: 10.2, I-in: 8.3, Shunin: 7.7

The Oyakata gets a Basho Bonus according to the rank of the Rikishi, he 
has educated:
1995: Y: 300, O: 200, S: 100, M: 50, J: 30

To support them, for every Rikishi Makushita and below, the Oyakata gets 
60 a month.

For the 3 Tokyo Basho, the Oyakata gets 100 a month per Rikishi, for the 
3 regional Basho 85.
Training money: Makushita and below: 35, Sekitori: 45

Other payments from the Sumo Kyokai each Basho for each Sekitori and 
lower rank Rikishi are decided by the Riji-kai and are not published.
Tanimachi payments also are a very important income source.


Joe Kuroda schrieb:
> --- John Racine <gaijira at ace.ocn.ne.jp> wrote:
>>>He must have a pretty high salary, with all the
>>ozeki and the yokozuna 
>>he raised adding to his oyakata basho bonus.
>>I've never heard of this.  Can someone elaborate on
>>how the oyakata's
>>salaries are calculated?
> A salary won't be higher just because he had so many
> high ranking rikishi before. Though he might have more
> supporters for the heya having many known rikishi and
> that will help his heya's operation expense.
> If I recall a basic salary of oyakata is slihglty
> lower than 800,000 Yen (about US$7,000 month). Being a
> director, the salary will be close to double that. In
> addition a senior Toshiyori gets slightly more
> per-basho allowances so I imagine Musashigawa's salary
> from the Kyokai is close to around 1,500,000 Yen. 
> In addition each heya owning oyakata gets a rikishi
> allowance based on how many rikishi he has as well as
> sekitori and higher ranking rikishi get more per-basho
> allowance to help out the operation expenses.
> One of the knocks against Musashigawa is that other
> than Musashimaru, his sekitori are more likely from
> college ranks rather than him raising 15 year old recruits.

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