[sumo] 2007 Basho 3 DVD Days 13 - 15

Barbara barbara at technogirls.org
Sun Jun 17 17:46:20 EDT 2007

I finished the souvenir TV-playable DVD of the most recent basho. See 
below.  It also includes the 4 news items showing details of Hakuho's 
promotion. Go to http://www.quixium.com/fan/sumo_dvdrlist.htm
Please do not address inquiries to the mailing list.  The 4-disk 
all-basho set announced previously is closed to new requests but you can 
still get this single disk if you want.
Barbara Murasakihana

1694 "Sumo 2007: Basho 3 (Natsu)" Days 13-15	Makuuchi matches for final 
3 days, with English play-by-play and commentary. Also includes the 
Emperor's Cup ceremony and interview for the winner. Shown with minimal 
editing, to allow enough room to include 3 days action. Days 13 and 14 
after halftime, day 15 complete as broadcast. Official Banzuke - 
Yokozuna: Asashouryuu. Ozekis: Kaio, Chiyotaikai, Tochiazuma (absent), 
Kotooshu, Hakuhou. Also includes 4 post-basho news bulletins. Approx. 
3:40:00. In English, no subtitles.

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