[sumo] Sumo interest down in Mongolia

Philip Sherman philnorm at webtv.net
Sun Jun 17 12:00:36 EDT 2007

 I am still new to the list. This may have been discussed before.
I am wondering how many list members like the one foreigner per stable and how many are against it.
 I am for it. I think one is enough IMHO


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Soon it may be too late for that idea of a Mongolian jungyo we talked 
about recently.

The Yomiuri reports a rapid drop in interest for Japanese sumo in Mongolia.
The news of the second Mongolian yokozuna met a rather cool reception 
there. The number of tv channels covering the Natsu basho dropped from 
11 to 5.
At its peek in 2004, 80% of the 2.5 million viewers watched sumo, lately 
that rate dropped to 30%.

Those training and aiming to enter O-zumo now have realized their slim 
chances with the present limit of one foreigner per heya, down nearly 
half from 2000.


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