[sumo] Next Hawaiian Sumotori?

James Eaton jj at zolx.com
Wed Jun 13 14:34:58 EDT 2007

How many openings for foreigners are there currently?  I thought it was 
very few.  Are any nearing retirement?

Due to the one-foreigner per heya rule, could we see a day when 
underachieving foreigners are asked (or forced) to leave their heya to be 
replaced by more promising candidates?

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> On 13/06/07, Jeff Anderson <jeffand at regent.edu> wrote:
>> http://tinyurl.com/yorkkm
>>From the article....
> "Under current rules for recruiting, foreign prospects must spend an
> unspecified time learning about Japanese language, culture and sumo
> life before they can officially be enrolled in a stable."
> Is this 'official'?  And what could 'unspecified' mean in this 
> context?!?

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