[sumo] Scoop! Oyakata aims for the charts!!

Moti sumo1 at dichne.com
Tue Jun 12 18:33:43 EDT 2007

Mihogaseki Oyakata plans to release a CD single. Yes, no joke. It gets 
better. Mihogaseki Oyakata is releasing a CD, ending a ban that was 
imposed on all rikishi and oyakata in 1985. Music- Funamura Touru. 
Lyrics? Makiko Uchidate. Indeed. Both members of the YDC. "I'm really 
happy to be able to release a CD after such a long time..", said 
Mihogaseki Oyakata. They are billing this as "the return of the most 
beautiful voice in the Kakkai".The song is called "The Polka-dotted 
Scarf". Today, it was performed live at a show run by its composer 
Funamura-san at a local hotel. The recording will be at the end of this 
month and the release date is set for October. It's a love song, and 
Uchidatesan said she hopes it will make the New Year Eve's prestigious 
"Kouhaku Utagassen" show. There are also plans of Mihogaseki Oyakata 
singing a duet with ex-Yokozuna Kitanofuji. Mihogaseki has released more 
than 20 singles in the past, including when he was active. "I was given 
a beautiful song by the two sensei, and I will do my best to sing it 
well!", he said.

Wawaweewa.. To me, this is totally out of left field.. Does anyone have 
any details on his past songs and their success?

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