[sumo] Some Sansho Statistics

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Tue Jun 12 09:31:48 EDT 2007

Hello all.

Following the Natsu basho, a combined total of exactly 1,000 sansho awards 
have now been won, consisting of 319 Shukun-sho, 384 Kanto-sho and 297 

Kanto-sho is the only sansho that has been won by three rikishi in a single 

There have been 51 tournaments with no Gino-sho winner, compared to 34 
tournaments with no Shukun-sho winner and just 9 tournaments with no 
Kanto-sho winner.

Tamakasuga set two new records in Nagoya 2006 when he won a Gino-sho. It was 
his second Gino-sho, 61 tournaments after his first in Natsu 1996 - a new 
record for the Gino-sho.

In addition, that Gino-sho came 55 tournaments after his previous sansho, a 
Shukun-sho in Natsu 1997. This too is a new record for the longest gap 
between any sansho wins, breaking Takanonami's record of 53 tournaments 
(Kanto-sho in Hatsu 1994 and Kyushu 2002).

After winning a Kanto-sho in this Natsu basho just gone, Dejima moves into 
third place on that list with a gap of 47 bashos between this and his 
previous sansho awards, a hat-trick back in Nagoya 1999.

In the Natsu basho, Asasekiryu became the first rikishi to win a Gino-sho 
from the rank of Maegashira 8 West. No rikishi has yet won a Shukun-sho from 
Maegashira 8, East or West.


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