[sumo] Injury

Lawrence Rogers rogers at hawaii.edu
Tue Jun 12 02:42:09 EDT 2007

Kintamayama saith

> B. As you said, it's an EXHIBITION. Don't take the results too 
> seriously.

Exactly. Not all the rikishi took it that seriously either, which is what made it fun for those of us used to the standard basho. It was boffo to watch Asashoryu mock Takamisakari by imitating his robocop routine. After which he pummeled his man mercilessly and sent him flying off the dohyo like a man shot from a cannon. As an exhibition, you can expect more crowd-pleasing moves. I am pleased to report that on the first day there were at le
ast two utchari -- everybody loved those -- and zero matta.

And I was forced to change my take on Roho.  When you see him in the flesh he doesn't look at all like a mafioso.

All in all, lots of fun.

Larry Rogers

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