[sumo] Hon, behind the scenes

Lawrence Rogers rogers at hawaii.edu
Tue Jun 12 02:18:49 EDT 2007

Joe Kuroda sez:
> My understanding was that empty ones were cheaper
> seats. If they cannot fill the arena not having
> Hawaiian rikishi, perhaps this is as good time as any
> to stop going there.

True, the balcony had only a sprinkling of people -- cannonball city, actually -- but there were also broad swaths of empty seats on the first floor, both in the $250 seats back on risers and the $300 seats around the dohyo. Why the poor turnout? Take your choice: overpriced tickets or little community interest. Or weak PR? 

In any case, I think it's safe to say it'll be a while before Sumo comes back to paradise.
Let's face it, boys and girls, Sumo is an acquired taste, like artichokes or parsnips (only better).

Larry Rogers

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