[sumo] Injury

cottonwood at cymbalom.net cottonwood at cymbalom.net
Mon Jun 11 18:26:23 EDT 2007

Yes, I remember this.  I wonder if he might sit a basho out now that there's a 
new yokozuna and REALLY get himself healed completely...

Angie aka Takanjisafari in Texas, US

>He had injuries before the Natsu basho. While he never did (nor would)
>acknowledge these publicly, he did allude to one of the problems in
>Senshuraku talk as posted on the Sumo Forum here: 
>Asashoryu (10-5) losing to Hakuho by uwate-dashinage, 50.9 seconds
>(Could not become the Wall he stated prior to the basho but never making his
>left elbow and right shoulder injuries as an excuse)
>"I wasn't moving at all. The first thing I need to do is to get myself
>healed completely (rubbing his bandaged left elbow). I promised you I'd be
>the wall. For that I need to apologize to you all I couldn't be that wall.
>It seems once I got on the dohyo, I just turned into a regular guy."

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