[sumo] Injury

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He had injuries before the Natsu basho. While he never did (nor would)
acknowledge these publicly, he did allude to one of the problems in
Senshuraku talk as posted on the Sumo Forum here: 


Asashoryu (10-5) losing to Hakuho by uwate-dashinage, 50.9 seconds
(Could not become the Wall he stated prior to the basho but never making his
left elbow and right shoulder injuries as an excuse)
"I wasn't moving at all. The first thing I need to do is to get myself
healed completely (rubbing his bandaged left elbow). I promised you I'd be
the wall. For that I need to apologize to you all I couldn't be that wall.
It seems once I got on the dohyo, I just turned into a regular guy."


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Philip Sherman wrote:

> Does any one know if Asashoryu is still injured since the last basho? Just
wondering if that may be the cause of his results in the exhibition.

A. It was not established that he was injured last basho. There has been 
rampant speculation, but nobody knows for sure. Then again, injuries are 
almost never acknowledged, unless they are serious.


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