[sumo] Sumo in Movie Oceans 13

Philip Sherman philnorm at webtv.net
Mon Jun 11 15:36:23 EDT 2007

That's funny. I bet some of the audience is still wondering why you got so excited.


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I was watching Oceans 13 yesterday (funnier than I had expected) when I
suddenly yelled out yobidashi in a crowded theater as I saw the tell-tale
shoes as a dohyo was being swept on screen.  To my surprise they had about
30 seconds of sumo in the movie.  Later when watching the credits, my
suspicion was confirmed that the rikishi were none other than Akebono and
Musashimaru!  The USA Sumo confirms that they were involved in making this
scene happen.  

What an unexpected pleasure.  I look forward to seeing more sumo snippets in
mainstream movies. 


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