[sumo] Hon, behind the scenes

Joe Kuroda joe_kuroda at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 11 09:48:26 EDT 2007

--- Doreen Simmons
<JZ8D-SMMN at asahi-net.or.jp> wrote:

> Pricing the seats is tricky, but in general it is a
> good idea to have plenty of reasonable-to-cheap ones
> to encourage
> the youngsters to come for the first time (and bring
> back those oldsters who are not particularly flush).
> The lack of current Hawaiian sumotori has clearly
> had some effect.

My understanding was that empty ones were cheaper
seats. If they cannot fill the arena not having
Hawaiian rikishi, perhaps this is as good time as any
to stop going there.

There are other places vying for them to come over. If
one of their criteria to have a foreign jyungyo is
where there is a sizible Japanese population,
obviously this should tell them, it won't work

I don't understand why they don't go to Mongolia
before the mania dies down over there too.

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