[sumo] Hawaii jungyo/LA koen and other stuff

Sumobaba sumobab at attglobal.net
Mon Jun 11 04:34:31 EDT 2007

Not a success financially, but speaking to the locals who were there, there
was a lot of excitement having attended. The first day, when intros were
handled, Jesse/Takamiyama/Azumazeki oyakata had, for the most part, a
standing (and the largest and loudest) ovation. 

Today, Musashimaru was at the announcer's desk, along with the
ever-wonderful Ross Mihara, but didn't announce or comment on anything.
Konishiki was there for part of today, holding court.


The crowd, small as it may have been according to one's standards, were a
bit larger than Day 1 and more enthusiastic, with more spectators joining in
the chants for, say, Chiyotaikai and Wakanosato. There were several repeat
customers, who told me that they came back because they felt they understood
more about sumo after seeing the first day. 


Back at the ranch, after the bye-bye wave in the arena, the boys were quick
to change into their casual clothes and go shopping for last minute gifts
back home. Takamisakari was the only one to remain in a yukata during his
now-free time, as opposed changing into a t-shirt and shorts, as the others
did. Even the Rijicho and oyakata changed into Aloha shirts and shorts or
slacks . But several, including Asashoryu, Asasekiryu, Homasho and a few
others, lingered before boarding their hotel transportation, to take
pictures with the waiting fans and sign autographs. Some, who have the
luxury of staying a bit longer, relocated to a different hotel.  Most other
rikishi have an early afternoon flight back to Tokyo, while yobidashi, some
gyoji and other non-sekitori types have to be ready at 5AM for breakfast
before their airport transfers. 


A lot of shenanigans on the dohyo, including a "shades of Kyokushuzan and
Kotonishiki" (remember Kotonishiki in Vancouver?)  jump over Kasugao by Ama,
which gathered chuckles, if not outright laughs, and oohs and aahs from the
audience, plus other personal encounters, which I will transcribe from my
voice recorder (since the memory fades a bit at my age) and report on my own
blog as well as for Leonishiki's online Spanish magazine. Chiyotaikai,
Tokitenku, Roho, Asasekiryu, Futeno, Wakanosato, Ama, Asashoryu, Hakuho,
many others.


Great comedy sumo and little kids' sumo with the sekitori and Chiyotaikai,
to the delight of all. The usual demo of selected practice exercises and
kimarite by some lower-ranked boys.


LA koen - still deciding on the venue, apparently two are in contention.
Lodgings are posing a problem, as well as the short time remaining for the
planning, publicity, and better promos than in Hawaii.


Mr. Kinoshita Daimon, the e-banzuke artist, has just released his new
"yokozuna" art, with Hakuho added. First time in over three years, since he
only does a new one with the promotion of a new yokozuna. It's very similar
to the e-banzuke he creates for each basho, but this is all yokozuna. I hope
to make a decent photo of it for my blog. 


Sorry not to give you more at this time, but I do need to transcribe
everything, not to mention rest after all of this excitement! 





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