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For what it's worth, I cannot see what reason anybody would have for
saying something stupid about this post.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

  - Peterao

On 6/11/07, Lynn Matsuoka <artist at aloha.net> wrote:
> The rikishi are staying in the Prince hotel, and the rooms are small-ish
> for the most part, but light and airy, with ( the ones I have seen)  large
> windows facing the yaht harbor and an expanse of beautiful blue water. A
> really nice view to wake up to for them, so differnt from  Tokyo. Many of
> the guys say it is wonderful being in Hawaii.
> It is unfortunate for the rikishi and other personel that the person in
> charge of scheduling mistakenly have them leaving on Monday morning, just
> after having performed for 2 days. They were supposed to leave on Tuesday,
> giving them an extra day to enjoy  being here.
> The dressing room on Hakuho's side was unusually quiet and reserved, the
> new Yokozuna totally focused doing everything right All those around him
> just kept to themselves. While in Asashoryu's  dressing room, the guys
> were having a raucus time in groups, laughing it up and being themselves
> while the Tokoyama (hair dressers) worked on the Oichonmange.
> It is unfortunate also that the promoters were not able to fill the
> stadium- it was at least half empty the second day as well as the first. I
> am sorry for the rikishi who have to be disappointed looking at so many
> empty seats.
> I have some interesting pictures from the last will that I will post on my
> website in the next few days, for those  interested.
> My assistant has blocked the obvious addresses from this list but basiclly
> I dont read anythng any more but pertinent and intelligent info. If you
> have something stupid to say about my sharing the above info, I will not
> see it.
> Lynn
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