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The fight between the two was very spirited. You can find an article, some
video and the results here:

More amusing, too, than anything Takamisakari can do by himself was
Asashoryu's exact mimicking of Sakari's actions before the tachiai. Looking
over to see what Sakari was doing - pounding his chest, slapping his own
face - basically replicating each action while almost laughing out loud.
Hopefully someone there caught a video because I was laughing too hard

As usual during these koen, the rikishi were signing programs while in the
hanamichi and acknowledging cheers for them on the way up and down the
hanamichi before and after their bouts.

FREE programs were handed out as were a gift bag with some Japanese
omelet/pancake sauce, a packet of miso soup, a Japanese fan (uchiwa type),
some other type of food topping I am not familiar with, and packets of
tissues (to promote TVJapan). Pamphlets with the rikishi statistics,
however, sold for $20.

The arena was less than half full:-(


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Congratulations to Asashoryu, who defeated Hakuho in the finals to win
the Honolullu Mayors Cup!

  - Peterao

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