[sumo] News from Hawaii

Sumobaba sumobab at attglobal.net
Sat Jun 9 12:48:38 EDT 2007

Although Hananosato is in Hawaii as one of Asashoryu's tsukebito, he will
not be performing the yumitori-shiki. I believe he said that Mizakura from
Hakuho's heya will be doing the honors both days.

The welcoming party last night was a great success with all 350 tickets sold
@ a price of $250 each (although I think there were probably some discounted

Hakuho looked wonderful in a cream colored kimono, with a huge open-end
flower and green leaf lei. 

The Honolulu Advertiser reports that the yakata (A-frame roof) that is seen
on TV atop the ring in tournaments from Japan is not being used at
Blaisdell. It was decided not to transport the six-ton structure here for
the tournament. The complete article, mostly on Hakuho and a video, too, is


When this is over, I'll report more on my blog, but for now, it's off to the


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