[sumo] Miyabiyama's mother passes away

John Racine gaijira at ace.ocn.ne.jp
Fri Jun 8 21:22:42 EDT 2007

>> Miyabiyama has two sisters - one older and one
> younger. His father used to manage one of the biggest,
> if not the biggest, tax companies in Ibaraki
> prefecture.
> I live in Ibaraki and I have never heard of his connection to taxes.
> His father was most famous for being in charge of the Ibaraki Kotsu 
> transit
> company.  It's the largest transit company in the prefecture with 
> trains,
> buses, at least one hotel, and an onsen.

>And presumably "taxis" not "taxes"?

Haha.  That explains it.  

Yes, they also have related taxi companies.

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