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Moti sumo1 at dichne.com
Fri Jun 8 03:11:03 EDT 2007

Philip Sherman wrote:

> Jeff,
>  I had forgotten how difficult the work is in building the Dohyo.
>  I had a tape years ago that covered the exhibition put on in Sao Palo Brazil. That was when Chiyonofuji, Kirishima, Konishiki
> just to name a few, were on that trip.
>  The first part of the tape showed the Doyo being built and all of the work and materials that it took to build it right. I remember they had to go look for the proper soil for the Dohyo. I can't remember where they found it.
>  Thanks for bringing those memories back.
> I sure wish I still had that tape.
> Philafuji
Before Sadogatake came over, we flew to Japan and brought a specimen 
from the Kkan dohyo, which was analyzed in a lab and reconstructed to 
everyone's content, using sand found near the Dead Sea. Then, we found 
out we had only 14 hours to build it, which caused a massive panic 
attack all around. In the end, it was done in 8 hours with about 50 
people helping out under the supervision of Hideo and others. I even got 
to stand on it and do the yusho interview with Osh, the only one he's 
ever done so far..
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