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I was thinking that, too, when i read about the problems in the area --- I just 
adore the pictures I've seen from there.  It seems to be that way here in the 
US, too; parts of the country that are so beautiful don't tend to be the places 
where there is economic opportunity.  It's sad, and I'm sorry, but I'm proud 
that sumo is doing its part.  That's very cool about the free senior tickets.  
I wonder if they have to sit up in the "nosebleed" sections...<g>

angie aka Takanjisafari in Texas, US

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>The situation in Yubari is really tragic. It is a beautiful area. I ran a 
couple road races there when I lived in Chitose. Also did a XC ski race. The 
country is beautiful summer and winter. I would love to live there, but at my 
age, I might be considered one of the elderly who needs all those services :-)
>I hope something can be done to solve the financial problems there.
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>> The basho to help the bankrupt city of Yubari (Hokkaido) will be held 
>> there on August the 8th (Asahi). 
>> NHK had reported on that a while ago. 
>> The sumo kyokai officials had decided to give free tickets to the 
>> elderly citizens of Yubari, for whom the severe cut down of social 
>> services is especially hard. 
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