[sumo] Miyabiyama's mother passes away

Jezz jejima at gmail.com
Thu Jun 7 21:32:06 EDT 2007

On 08/06/07, Joe Kuroda <joe_kuroda at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Former ozeki Miyabiyama's mother, Masami Takeuchi,
> passed away at a hospital in Shizuoka Prefecture on
> June 7.
> Despite his beloved mother's death Miyabiyama flew to
> Honolulu on the same day to participate in Ozumo's
> Hawaii Jyungyo to be held on June 9 to 10.
> "More than anything else she hated to miss work,"
> Miyabiyama said prior to his departure. At the moment,
> no funeral arrangements have yet been made.

This is an interesting point.  Miyabiyama shows respect to his late
mother by continuing with his work - even though that means he will be
taken to another country.  He will probably be respected for this
decision by many.

I think that from my cultural background (UK), such a decision might
be seen as disrespectful to his mother and mourning family, I
think....  I think (if he were British) it would have been more normal
for him to withdraw from the jungyo - or possibly join them at a later


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