[sumo] Miyabiyama's mother passes away

Joe Kuroda joe_kuroda at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 7 21:17:03 EDT 2007

Former ozeki Miyabiyama's mother, Masami Takeuchi,
passed away at a hospital in Shizuoka Prefecture on
June 7.

Despite his beloved mother's death Miyabiyama flew to
Honolulu on the same day to participate in Ozumo's
Hawaii Jyungyo to be held on June 9 to 10.

"More than anything else she hated to miss work,"
Miyabiyama said prior to his departure. At the moment,
no funeral arrangements have yet been made.

His 66 year old mother Masami suffered a stroke and
was immeidately taken to the hospital on June 2.
Miyabiyama went to the hospital in Mishima City,
Shizuoka every day after finishing his morning
training sessions at his heya located in Tokyo's
Higashi Nippori area.

"She couldn't talk to me but when I spoke to her I
could see her move," Miyabiyama said.

Miyabiyama lost his father Tetsushi on October 3,
2004. His father was his first sumo teacher when he
was growing up and Miyabiyama often said he was the
person he respected the most in life.

During the 2004 Aki basho, Miyabiyama competed fully
knowing his father's condition was deterioriating (he
had a liver cancer). On day 12 Miyabiyama beat
yokozuna Asashoryu whom he has lost 12 straight at
that point. When he came back to the dressing room,
Miyabiyama with tears in his eyes said to reporters,
"Today I felt as if my old man was pushing me from

It's reported that his father was conscious till the
Senshuraku was over and to the moment his son arrived
to the hospital on that night. Miyabiyama was not able
to be at his side when his father passed away on the
night of October 3 as he decided to participate in a
Danpatsu ceremony held on the next day.

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