[sumo] Shuzs news rest

Achim Pawelczyk sumo at achimp.de
Thu Jun 7 13:27:40 EDT 2007

cottonwood at cymbalom.net schrieb:
>I wish there were some way to keep up with the 
> activities of Shoes-on from now on, as he was one of my favorites.

Maybe from now on he'll appear on the entertainment news, like Konishiki 
does regularly.
My favorite Kyoku with a short career in politics is Kyokudozan - from 
him I haven't read anything new in years.

> Do you suppose they always give the outgoing rikishi a towel?  I remember 
> Konishiki shed a fair number of tears.

Ah, towel - that gives me a flashback about my past sins on the ML.
I clashed with Doreen on that subject :)
I don't now about this - but maybe it is the same individual towel the 
rikishi uses on the dohyo ?


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