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Thanks for this, Achim.  I wish there were some way to keep up with the 
activities of Shoes-on from now on, as he was one of my favorites.

Do you suppose they always give the outgoing rikishi a towel?  I remember 
Konishiki shed a fair number of tears.

I wonder if this is Mongolia's first expressway; I also wonder where it goes.  
Is there need for one outside Ulan Bataar?

This danpatsu is a momentous occasion, and a sad one for me.

Angie, aka Takanjisafari, in Texas, US

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>About 230 (Asahi: 250, Sponichi/Nikkan 225) to cut Kyokushuzan's mage on 
>Sunday. With 2 airplanes Shu has brought 500 supporters from Mongolia to 
>the event.
>Hakuho has best memories for the sempai who made his sumo career possible:
>  ->big pic
>Asashoryu had special recollections when confronted with that mage,
>but that's past:
>  ->big pic
>Only small pix from the last cut by Oshima oyakata:
>So far reports said that Kyokushuzan was to enter politics, but not yet 
>He already has started business and got the contract for building a 500 
>km long express way in Mongolia.

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